Butter Making Equipment

Antique Wooden Butter Churn

Believe it or not, when I began as a child helping to make butter in our home, I actually used a very, very old hand churn. This churn was wooden and had some very rusted gears on top for your crank churning the butter. Thinking back, this shouldn’t surprise me. We did have some ancient pieces around our home. We even had an antique pitcher from the civil war that was actually used to serve confederate soldiers milk and tea.

As well, we began our dairy operation itself on the frugal side, spending asmaking_butter little money as possible and building it slowly. We started with one cow, milking by hand, and eventually ended up with a dairy operation.

Electric Butter Churn

Likewise went the processing portion of our dairy endeavors. We began with churning the butter by hand and then progressed to using an electric churn. I was very excited when we purchased an electric churn. I really got tired of churning the butter by hand, especially since I was a child. Electric churns are available for less than $300 from several distributors on the internet.

Electric churns include a large glass bowl that the churn is mounted to. These bowls will hold over two gallons of cream easily.

Replacement bowls, motors, and other parts are available. These may be needed in case of accidents or if parts otherwise need replacing.

Hand Butter Churn

Hand butter churns are also still available. These can be ordered on the internet as well for around $150. In contrast to the electric churn, these units will usually hold about 2 or more quarts in their bowls.

Butter Molds

Another item needed will be a butter mold. This can be as simple as a bowl to pack the butter in with a press to push the butter out into a shape. Some butter molds may still be purchased. My family also used an antique wooden butter mold.