Making Homemade Butter

Making homemade butter is easy and fairly entertaining. Use the following butter making recipe or instructions and you can make your own homemade butter. It is important to use cream with a high fat content that is about 2 or 3 days old. This will help you make butter with no preservatives or additives.

In the days of my parent’s childhood and their family before them, making2008-06-20-butter butter was a function in every household. Today, people have specialized and no longer perform many of these food making activities. Just like with home canning, if you make your own butter, you will be assured that it is clean and healthy to use.

One of the most important tips to be successful in making homemade butter is that you to be certain that your cream has a high fat content. Like I said before, cream from Jersey cows is very good for making butter. When I was a child, one of our customers who bought butter commented that our butter was as rich as cheese. This was because we had well fed Jersey cattle.

Also, the cream shouldn’t be too fresh. That is, it should be at least a couple of days old. This means it will have ripened well enough to use to make butter.

Begin using cream from Jersey cows, which you bring to room temperature. Next, place it in a container and begin agitating the cream. The cream can be agitated with an egg beater, blender, or food processor, if no commercially made churn is available. Agitate for 20 minutes. If conditions are correct, within 20 minutes or so, the cream should begin to solidify. This will leave you with butter and buttermilk as a by-product.

Next, after the butter solidifies, drain off the buttermilk liquid. You can use this for baking and/or cheese making. Then, you should wash the butter, and be sure to squeeze out excess buttermilk.