Raw Butter

Raw Butter is a product derived from raw milk. It is the fatty-type portion of raw milk. Experts say that raw butter provides both the missing good and beneficial fats. These fats are rare in the standard American diet.

Raw butter is preferred to come from cows fed on grass pastures, rather than from cows fed from commercial feeds. Raw butter is filled with nutrients that are metabolically available, including Vitamin A and E, healthy cholesterol, antioxidants, lecithin, selenium, beneficial bacteria, and enzymes.

Proponents claim that raw butter contains “Factor X.” They say it is essential for optimal brain, bone, and nervous system development. Premium types of raw butter are made from the best ingredients. For example, a primary ingredient is cold churned raw cream and practically nothing else, not even seasoning like salt or especially colorings added.

Experts suggest a little simple preparation before use. It is easy. Simply remove a week or two weeks’ supply from the freezer. This will make it easier to use. It can be used easily frozen by using a sharp knife to carefully remove it from the tub.